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Welcome back to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

Looking back, could your life have turned out differently? In today’s episode, I talk to entrepreneur and best-selling author Josh Linkner, who can answer that question with a resounding YES! Just like me, Josh grew up with a love of jazz music. Also, like me, he was absolutely certain that jazz was his future. But somewhere along the way, he got some advice and it would change his life forever! This advice was instrumental (pun intended) in helping Josh achieve success. It helped him realize that music didn’t have to be everything in life. He could still succeed in other areas and still retain his love for music. (I never got this advice and it took me another decade to arrive at the same conclusions!) Josh was just twenty years old when he started his first company. Since then, he’s gone on to start five different successful tech companies. These companies have sold for a combined value of over $200 million! So how did he do it? And more importantly, how could you do the same? In this episode of Millionaire Secrets, we talk about the importance of creativity. Tapping into the creative parts of your mind will allow you to innovate and solve problems. Needless to say, these are two of the most important things in business! We also talk about how to get started in business, how to overcome the fear of taking chances, and how to weigh up the risk VS reward of starting your own company. Josh has written four books, two of which are New York Times best-sellers! If anyone has the knowledge and experience to help you start a successful business, it’s Josh!

Don’t miss this chance to hear the insights of a $200m tech innovator!

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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