Becoming a BETTER FATHER & HUSBAND: Simple steps for Extraordinary results | LARRY HAGNER

Meet Larry Hagner, the founder and CEO of The Dad Edge, a remarkable personal development company dedicated to transforming the lives of men worldwide.

At the beginning of the episode, Larry opens up about his personal story, sharing his experiences with father figures and how these pivotal moments led him to embark on a mission to empower men and redefine what it means to be a father, partner, and leader.

We explored the profound influence of a strong marriage on a man’s overall success. Discover the powerful connection between a fulfilling partnership and emotional and physical well-being.

Near the end of the episode, Larry shares his wisdom and urges all men not to wait until it’s too late to address and repair the important aspects of their lives.

I hope you enjoy this episode and gain inspiration to continue improving your personal and family growth.

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