Top Secrets On Building A Successful YouTube Channel (Millionaire Secrets) | EVAN CARMICHAEL

Welcome to another ENTRE masterclass!

Have you ever felt like your content was underperforming on YouTube? Do you feel like YouTube has become too oversaturated to make your mark? A little while ago I spoke with Evan Carmichael for one of my ENTRE Inner Circle Monthly Intensives. For those unaware of Evan’s work – I’ll just say that he is a YouTube God! Evan started producing content back in 2009. Today he has 3 million subscribers and over 400 million total views. He had no idea when he started out that he’d be as successful as he is today, proving that you should ALWAYS commit yourself to whatever you’re doing. In the Masterclass, Evan talks about how he created engaging and rewatchable content, despite being an introvert! He also explains the power of showing up, no matter how big your following is. The guy broke his neck partway during a tour – and still carried through till the end! Not only is Evan one of the GOATs (Greatest of All Time) on YouTube – I think he’s one of the entrepreneurial GOATs. I like to think that Evan didn’t just break the mold: He IS the mold! We’ve picked out the highlights of this masterclass just for you, so you can learn some of Evan’s best strategies. Tune in to find out: How to deal and learn from judgment in the online world. What is Imposter Syndrome – and how to cure it! How to MASTER YouTube Analytics – and use it to fuel your other social media platforms! I related to a lot of the concerns my ENTRE students had – I too felt like I’d left it too late to create a strong presence on YouTube. But Evan’s advice and life lessons are GAME-CHANGING. It’s like a whole new language is now available to me! Watch Evan at work; learn how to create engaging, long-lasting content on YouTube, and even get PAID to do it!


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