Unlocking Pleasure Through Communication | DORIAN SOLOT & MARSHALL MILLER

Communication remains key in entrepreneurship and business. It matters in both professional and private lives. Especially when understanding sexuality’s complexity. In a recent episode of the Unlock Your Potential Podcast, sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller discussed sexuality. They highlighted open and honest communication’s importance.

Although I strongly encourage you to watch this full podcast, I’ve simplified the key learnings with the show into the points below for those of you that are in a hurry 🙂

Key Learnings:

Understanding Contemporary Sexuality Issues: Technology shapes our worldviews from an early age. Cell phones play a big role. Easy access to porn, dating apps, and platforms like Instagram can cloud our sexuality perception.

The Role of Communication: Dorian and Marshall emphasize open communication in relationships. Trust and understanding help couples navigate modern sexuality.

Sexual Education as a Foundation: Both experts shared their journey into sexual education. They’re passionate about promoting sexual health. Their best-selling book, “I Love Orgasms: A Guide To More,” showcases their expertise.

Parenting Perspective on Sexuality: In the episode’s final segment, Dorian and Marshall offered advice. They discussed how to talk about sexuality with children. This ensures a healthy understanding as they grow.

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Also check out their line of merchandise at www.ilovefemaleorgasm.com.

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  1. the vid was very interesting I am a single 54 year man very heterosexual and see I’m still learning lol! about society in a sexual stand point. I’m also a Christian

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