Entrepreneur, Musician, Author, Speaker, Husband, Dad

My mission is to help people unlock their full potential and design their dream life.

I have been shaped by my choices and I regret none of them. At 16, I chose to get myself fired from the only job I ever had. At 17, I chose to drop out of high school and become a musician. At 18, I chose to start my first business and also made the choices that led to its failure. In my 20s, I chose to start 10 more businesses after that first failure and fail at them too. And I chose to keep going still, ultimately founding multiple successful companies and generating over $100 million in sales. In my 30s, I also chose to go to therapy, start working on myself, and become the husband/father/man I was born to be. At 39, instead of retiring I chose to commit my life to helping others and developed “the 3X3 Success Matrix”, a complete life operating system for entrepreneurs. That in turn became the foundation for ENTRE, the world’s first “Entrepreneurial Life Design” platform and one of the fastest growing education companies in the world with over 200,000 students in its first 3 years.

All my life I have chosen to disregard the advice of the people who wanted me to play it safe because they loved me. Instead, I chose to believe I was created for a life less ordinary and followed my heart. I believe every person on earth has that same choice to make – each of us can choose to unlock our full potential by believing in and developing ourselves. I have devoted the 2nd half of my life to evangelizing that choice and teaching a system to help people see it through.

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