“These Are The Skills You Need to Command Respect!” | MEL ABRAHAM | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

Would you pay $60,000 to meet the love of your life? Would you throw away a job and a promising career to pursue entrepreneurship? Meet the guy who did! These are just two crazy chapters in the life of my latest guest – entrepreneurial evangelist Mel Abraham! Mel and I took very different journeys through life. Mel started performing magic shows at birthday parties aged 11 (and getting paid for it too!). This was his first taste of entrepreneurship. However, he went to college to became a doctor at his parent’s behest, but switched his major to accounting after realizing he hates the sight of blood! He graduated college and went on to work for a prestigious accounting firm. Even though he worked on big accounts for big clients… something wasn’t quite right. Mel couldn’t see a future there. Sometimes in life, you get a feeling that you can’t ignore. When you get that feeling you’ve got to act on it. Which is exactly what Mel did! With a strong background in accounting and finance, he was primed to make a business of his own. But despite his vast business acumen, he values one skill above all others… COMMUNICATION! Mel says THIS is the most important skill to have in business and it’s the reason he’s so successful! Since leaving his accounting firm, he’s done a LOT of stuff. But not all of it has been work. In his private life, Mel is a single full-time father to his son. Despite the time and dedication that goes into fatherhood, Mel has still managed to make his business work. Through his son, he learned that work and life aren’t about balance. They’re about HARMONY! (As a jazz pianist, this is territory I can relate to!) Despite taking different paths, we both ended up in similar positions. We also ended up having a lot in common in terms of our goals, opinions, and mindset. Mel has a LOT he can teach you about getting started in business and succeeding. He’s also got some crazy stories to tell along the way!

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