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Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

Every entrepreneur comes up against the same challenge. CAPITAL! There never seems to be enough capital to scale your business as quickly as you want. Friends, family, and private investors can only get you so far. But Jack McColl has worked out a way to game the system… His story starts selling skateboards as a teenager. He quickly found out that he had an aptitude for business and went on to start several more companies throughout his early twenties. But he didn’t limit himself to just one market. He is the mastermind behind the first US-based hoverboard company and the festival must-have, the “Dumbo Lounge Sack”. By age 25 he had started, scaled, and sold off several companies for well over 7-figures. His natural aptitude for business and his appetite for success have landed him a feature on Yahoo Finance. There’s something unusual about Jack McColl’s businesses though. They are all 100% online. He’s a true digital nomad for the 21st century! He has traveled the world, from Bali to Hawaii, and hasn’t had to sacrifice any of his businesses or earning potential. He’s done this by leveraging business credit using credit cards and is now teaching others how they can do the same! Jack is a truly unique guy and a natural entrepreneur!

Check out his story to see how you could become a digital nomad too!

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