How To SCALE Your Business To $1 Million With EASY YouTube Ads | DAVE ROTHEROE | Millionaire Secrets

Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Dave Rotheroe, the man who invented the mail-order grilled cheese sandwich service. (And no, I’m not joking) But Dave Rothroe hasn’t just invented a great new way to enjoy grilled-cheese sandwiches, because he’s also: CEO & Founder of Grip Advertising The Host of the Viral By Design podcast Digital-Savvy Digital Marketer And he’s here with us today to share a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and successful sandwich selling stories that will be sure to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing! After quitting his life as a professional drinker, smoker, and violinist, Dave threw himself into entrepreneurship head first… And what better way to start, than to create what you may remember as the VIRAL brand: “Cheese Postie!” By leveraging his knowledge of the media, and focusing on HYPER-GROWTH through creative advertising, Dave’s viral vision came to life practically overnight. Even Noel Fielding from The Great British Bake Off was hooked! So if you want to know how to take your idea from “just a dream” to VIRAL SENSATION practically overnight in the modern, digital tech-savvy world that we live in?

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