BRADY MORGAN | From Deep In Debt To Top Podcast Host | Millionaire Secrets

Hello and welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! Today we’re joined by a new friend of mine, Brady Morgan, who is set to share his incredible story with us. Brady is a financial analyst, an entrepreneur, and the founder and host of the Budgetrek podcast. With everything that Brady is juggling, he has still somehow found the time to create such a cool podcast that is currently in the top 35 in the world for entrepreneurship! So, you might be wondering how Brady got himself where he is today. As always on this show, Brady paints the full picture of his success story and it’s ups and downs. At high school, Brady had plans to go into medicine. He knew what his future path would look like and he was set to succeed in it. Not only was he set for life with his foolproof plan but he also had a great upbringing with a happy middle-class family. But as we often see with successful entrepreneurs, one afternoon everything changed. His parents who had always been very successful told him that they had $3 left in their bank account. That was a huge turning point for Brady. From that point, he knew that he didn’t want to ever be in such a vulnerable position ever again for himself, his future family, or his clients.

Find out how he took his tough situation and turned his life around completely!

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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