BOBBY UMAR | How I Got 1 Billion Views Online | Millionaire Secrets

Today’s interview is with Bobby Umar. Inc Magazine lists him as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the world. He’s also a leading expert on social capital, personal branding, social and digital marketing, and heart-based leadership. 10 years ago – Bobby started from 0 followers and views (just like everyone does). But unlike many others….he’s had fantastic growth and achieved over 1 billion views of his content. So what’s his secret? How did he get so many views and leverage social media to become a thought leader? That’s what we’re about to find out. But… I know what you might be thinking… ‘’Bobby started 10 years ago. Things were different then. The landscape is saturated now’’ True and false. Yes, things were different back then. Bobby was a pioneer in his strategic growth across the social media channels. However… …as Bobby states… ‘’Either be first, be different, or be great’’ In other words, you and I have no excuse. We can still leverage our social media channels to build an audience for our businesses and personal brands. We just need to do it in a slightly different way. And that’s what Bobby is an expert at coaching people to do.

**MUST WATCH** Bobby explains in full detail here…

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