JUSTIN BURNS | How Tough Love Made Me A Millionaire | Millionaire Secrets

How many times has someone told you something you didn’t want to hear? The thing is, sometimes the truth hurts. And there comes a point in everybody’s life where they need some tough love. It can push you to take action, make a change, and get the life you want. That’s exactly what happened to Justin Burns, a self-made millionaire who faced up to a learning disability and persevered to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. I like to call Justin the code guy. He’s got the subscription membership model code, the expert millionaire code, the online code – this guy has a bunch of hacks that will help you get to where you want to be. He was the kid in school that wasn’t good at sports or math. He didn’t excel hugely at anything. But he’s a big believer that everyone has this point, where if you keep pushing to find the real you, the person you know inside and the person you want to be, you’ll get there eventually. You just have to keep fighting for it.

In this video, I pick Justin’s brains on how he overcame his demons to get to where he is today. His story is an inspiration, and he has a tonne of wisdom to share. Check it out.

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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