BRAD BLAZAR | How I Developed A Mindset That Made Me Rich | Millionaire Secrets

I certainly have a treat for you today. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Coach Brad Blazar – a “lifestyle architect” who helps people develop a BEAST mindset that transforms lives. Brad began his career working in a sales role in the financial services sector. Tasked with raising millions of dollars of seed capital for these firms, it was here that Brad developed some of his core beliefs about money. Namely… There are huge amounts of it “out there” and that it’s always “moving” (Brad and his teams have eventually raised over $2 billion dollars in investment capital). To get your piece-of-the-pie is simply a matter of positioning, and developing the right mindset or……belief. And that’s really what we dig into a big way today in our chat together. Taking action whilst believing in yourself…is a powerful formula.

“Why do most people live a life of mediocrity rather than find and/or reach a huge level of success in their lives?”

The answer…

**MUST WATCH** Brad explains in full detail here…

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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