8 Reasons to Get Over Your Fear of Social Media

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to remain disconnected from the Internet. You may have read several articles on how social media can be a dangerous tool with its inherent risks. On the other hand, social media can be a great tool for promoting your business and creating loyal customers.

For some, social media can seem overwhelming (or even scary) if they’ve never used it before, which is why it might be helpful to learn more about it. This blog post will help you understand why you shouldn’t be afraid of using social media for your business and how you may be able to use it for your brand.

#1 Social Media Is A Great Place For Market Research

Social media can be a great place for market research. Here’s why:

  • You can get instant feedback from your target market
  • You can also use it to get feedback from your current customers.

Types Of Market Insights From Social Media

How customers use your products or services

You can search for your brand and the name of your product or service to see how customers use it.

What customers dislike about your brand

You can search for keywords and phrases and look through your DMs and comment section to find negative reviews about your brand.

What customers like about your brand

You can look for branded keywords or phrases on social media, look at the reviews section on rating platforms, or perform a competitive analysis to understand how your customers feel about your competitors.

What customers expect from your brand in the future

You can ask your audience what they want to see from your brand via the comment section, polls, or a platform that sorts through customer feedback by tags.

Trends customers are interested in

You can use trend-tracking tools to see what your audience is interested in, using those trends to create relevant content.

Understand your customers on a personal level

You could create online groups for members of your brand’s community to get more 1:1 conversations with your customers.

Determine the types of content that resonate the most with your audience

You can find this out by posting polls asking what kind of content your audience wants to see. You can also look at your analytics and sort by engagement and clicks to determine the best-performing content.

#2 It Can Help You Humanize Your Brand

Branding is potentially one of the most important aspects of a business, which makes social media a viable source. Generally, customers want to have human interaction with a brand instead of a faceless brand. So, using social media to create an authentic human connection with your audience and can potentially increase your impact.

One thing to keep in mind with social platforms is that they can require consistent posting to keep your brand relevant to your target audience. Social media moves very quickly, so your brand could potentially get lost in the sea of your audience’s feeds if they don’t regularly see your brand’s content.

Using social media to create an authentic human connection with your audience can potentially increase your impact.

#3 It Can Help You Create A Loyal Community

Social media is one of the best ways to stay in contact with your audience. Here are some examples of how you can create a loyal community with social media:

  • You can use it to send marketing messages and updates about your business.
  • You can also use it to respond to your customers’ queries and try to create solutions for their problems.
  • You can repurpose content from your articles and blog posts to provide value to your audience.
  • You can partner with your customers to create User-Generated Content (UGC), which can potentially increase brand loyalty.

A Word of Advice

Try to use social platforms to provide VALUE, not simply sell your products or services. From my experience, genuinely connecting with your audience can produce greater sales than selling your products or services. In addition, asking your customers what problems they may have can help you determine a solution to solve them. By actively taking action on your customer’s pain points, your audience will know that you care about them, creating a stronger bond.

#4 Social Media Marketing Is Inexpensive

Back in the old marketing days, marketing your business wasn’t cheap. After social media, businesses began promoting their products and services for FREE (or nearly for free), saving them a ton of time and money. This strategy could potentially be helpful to you as well. For example, you can promote your products and services via value-packed posts that draw in customers. In addition, running ads on social platforms is pretty affordable, but do your research before making any investments.

How To Promote Your Business For Free Using Social Media

Fill Out Your Social Media Profiles

Filling out your social profiles can increase your brand’s credibility and utilize keywords to make it easier for your target audience to find you. In addition, having a professional profile can help tell your audience exactly what your brand offers and why it could benefit them.

Repurpose Your Content

If you post blog posts on your website, you can break them up into small, bite-size chunks to use on social platforms. For example, you can make carousels, graphics, or video posts with content you’ve already created, potentially making it much easier to promote your brand.

Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience can increase brand loyalty, build a community, and provide engagement for your posts. In addition, a brand that regularly engages with its audience can potentially boost its credibility and position itself higher than its competitors.

#5 It Can Boost Your SEO

Social media can be useful for boosting your SEO by utilizing high-ranking keywords in your content. So, when someone types that keyword into the search bar on social media, your brand might pop up. For example, you might run a copywriting business that you’re promoting on social media. You can use keywords in your bio and content, such as copywriting, blog posts, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

#6 Your Competition Is Already On Social Media

Another reason you shouldn’t be afraid of using social platforms for your business is that your competitors are most likely already on social media. So, the sooner you get on social platforms, the quicker you can build your customer base and work to increase brand awareness.

#7 It Can Provide Valuable Content To Your Audience

Posting valuable content on social platforms can be a great way to inform your audience of the products and services you offer. In addition, you can talk about tips, hacks, and useful information about your industry.

#8 It Can Increase Website Traffic

Not only can social media increase your social presence, but also your website presence! Social media allows you to put a link in your bio, providing your audience with easy access to your website. So, posting regularly and providing valuable content may improve your chances of bringing people to your website.

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  1. Great article Jeff, as entre-penurs it’s an absolute must for us to engage through social media platforms. Spot on article, and applicable to now, today’s mass media consumer market.

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