Rejecting the Impossible

Change Your Mindset And Achieve Anything | COLIN O’BRADY | Unlock Your Potential

Former professional triathlete, Yale graduate, motivational speaker, author, and 10-time world record holder, Colin O’Brady, shares how to change your mindset to achieve anything.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Colin spent much of his youth outdoors. After graduating high school, Colin abandoned his rustic home for four walls and a community bathroom at Yale University.

After deciding to take a year off post-graduation and travel, Colin rediscovered his passion for the outdoors and pushed himself beyond his limits.

Eventually, Colin fulfilled his lifelong dream of climbing Mount Everest and other extreme challenges.

After losing his sense of direction during the pandemic, Colin went on a 12-hour walk with his phone in airplane mode. This experience led him to write the book called the 12-Hour Walk, where he inspires others to do the same.

The main question Colin repeats throughout the episode is, “What is your Everest?” Colin challenges the audience to ask themselves that question to inspire them to chase their dreams.

Please join me in giving Colin O’Brady a warm welcome to the Unlock Your Potential family!

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