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Business Growth Expert Reveals Truth Behind His Success | NICK BRADLEY | Unlock Your Potential

Today’s guest is Nick Bradley, a highly successful entrepreneur who built and bought 26 businesses totaling $5bn in value. In this episode, Nick reveals the truth behind his success and how his journey led him to create his current business.

During the podcast, you’ll see a man whose father left when he was two years old, an ultra-marathoner, husband, father, private equity expert, and business growth connoisseur.

Throughout the episode, Nick explains how each hardship he’s endured has helped him to improve and become more successful.

Around the age of 40, Nick cracked his two back molars in the middle of the night from the stress of his career in private equity and running a marathon a week. During this time, Nick’s father returned to his life only to pass away 12 months later.

After his dad passed, Nick knew he had to leave private equity. So, he decided to pursue his personal development journey and create a more fulfilling life for himself.

As a result, Nick helps entrepreneurs on the other side of private equity by creating high-value exits they can feel proud of.

Catch the full episode to uncover the secret to Nick Bradley’s success.

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