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Did you know that there are two types of people when it comes to being an entrepreneur? One is destined for happiness and success. The other will end up overworked and miserable. Do you know which one you are? In today’s episode, I talk to Chris Beall, who will help you find out which type you are – and what that means for your business. He also shares his TOP TIPS to find fulfillment in your work and social life! Chris Beall is the CEO of ConnectAndSell and a huge amount of other software startups – he once created a business in 3 months and sold it for $120,000! His credits speak for themselves, but it’s his philosophies about sales and life that really make him stand out from the crowd. Philosophies that will improve the way you live and work. Chris credits his success to the way he communicates with people as well as the mindsets he adopted on his entrepreneurial journey – but this way of thinking is not exclusive to Chris: You can adopt it too and transform the way you think about business. Today’s episode features an incredible conversation as Chris talks about the biggest ‘lightbulb moments’ in his career. Tune in for his core tips to becoming a successful AND happy entrepreneur: The steps to becoming an entrepreneur from scratch if you’re still looking for your passion The people you need to surround yourself with to become the BEST version of yourself. The secret benefits of a morning routine and the things you should be doing RIGHT NOW! It’s never too late to adopt a new mentality. Chris can help. I took so many pearls of wisdom from Chris in this interview, and you’ll see me at various points making notes on my phone! We can all learn from this guy! We found out we had so much in common including a mutual background in music, making this interview INVALUABLE for any business aspiring musicians out there.

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