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What is holding you back from chasing the life you crave? Family? Financial Security? Anxieties about failure? In today’s episode, I talk to the Queen of Social Media, Rachel Pedersen, whose transformation from single mom to CEO might be the story you need to hear! Rachel threw caution to the wind back in 2016 and decided she’d had enough of the status quo. She was a college dropout with no savings and no safety net. She needed to make a change. During her time as a hairstylist – posting before and after photos of her clients – she got her first taste of social media success: And things snowballed from there. Rachel went on to manage social media accounts for other companies before deciding she wanted to start her own business. Now, she’s the proud CEO of 2 multi-million dollar enterprises. Though Rachel is now a huge success, she never forgets where she came from. She stresses that if she can transform her life from the mundanity of 9-5 – You can too. In today’s episode, Rachel shares her secrets on turning your life around. Tune in to find out: The steps you need to take RIGHT NOW to get the most out of your social media accounts – from LinkedIn to Tik-Tok How entrepreneuring can help your marriage, your parenting, and your friendships. How embracing your anxieties and vulnerabilities is your GREATEST ASSET. We go pretty deep in this episode – Rachel truly went from rock bottom to become the person she is today. There’s still time to become the best version of you. I’m a big fan of Rachel and I was so excited to speak with her today. She offers so many powerful life lessons as well as business lessons – we can all take a leaf out of her book!

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