STEVE AND KAREN ANDERSON | 14 Principles That Made Jeff Bezos A Billionaire | Millionaire Secrets

Today’s interview for Millionaire Secrets is with Steve & Karen Anderson – authors of the bestselling book: “The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles To Grow Your Business Like Amazon”.

I found this whole discussion totally fascinating and I could literally talk for hours-upon-hours with Steve and Karen about the inner-workings of Jeff Bezos’s mind. He’s one of those rare individuals that not only dreams big – but then truly holds the belief that those dreams are possible. And then takes the necessary action to make them happen. From listening to Steve & Karen today, we learn that Jeff Bezos has some unwavering and overarching principles. Rules that he’s used to guide himself through every decision (from big to small) in the growth of Amazon. It’s about building a culture where every individual is believing in the same high-moral standards. That’s why I loved this chat so much. I resonate with it because it’s exactly what I try to do here at ENTRE also!

Click the image below to enjoy the full interview with Steve & Karen.

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