JORDAN MEDERICH | From Selling ShamWow to Starting Dropfunnels | Millionaire Secrets

Today on Millionaire Secrets I interview Jordan Mederich – founder of the wildly
successful, DropFunnels. Jordan is not only a highly experienced entrepreneur and multi-millionaire – I also feel blessed to call him one of my very best friends. So it was an absolute pleasure to spend an hour with Jordan during my workday to record this episode. We talk about how Jordan’s early struggles and failures all seemed completely obscure and unrelated at the time, but once he became successful, they all made perfect sense. And he now realizes that it was his adversities that made him the successful millionaire that he is today. Loved this hour with my good friend Jordan. Some really easy listening and some nuggets of gold in there also…

**MUST WATCH** Jordan explains in full detail here…

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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