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How do you respond to failure? If someone tells you that you’re not good enough, what do you do? In this episode, I speak to Stephen Somers, founder of the award-winning business “Marketplace Superheroes”! Like a lot of successful entrepreneurs, Stephen’s story begins with failure. At age 11, he was told by his soccer coach that he wasn’t good enough and that he’d never make the team. Stephen refused to accept this outcome. He spent an entire summer practicing with a tennis ball to improve his skills and when he returned to school the next year, he made the team. Not only that, but he went on to become the top player in his county! Talk about a 180! But why was Stephen so driven? What made him so resilient to criticism? It was his ATTITUDE! The same attitude that makes him such a great entrepreneur! If you know deep down that someone is wrong about you, you have to PROVE THEM WRONG! And that’s what Stephen’s been doing ever since. In his early twenties, he started looking for ways to make money online. He was introduced to a family friend who was also interested in eCommerce. They started working together, selling products online, and they’re still in business nearly 11 years later! AMAZING! Not many people are able to start something and see it through like Stephen. The world is full of people who tried and failed and then never tried again. But Stephen kept pushing. Just like he did with the tennis ball during that summer as a teenager. Stephen Somers is living proof that you should never give up, and that you should always follow your instincts!

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