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Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets!

What does success mean to you? For everyone it’s different. For Apollonia Ponti, she found success pretty early on in life. Or so she thought… With no college degree, she went into an entry-level position at a bank. Pretty soon she was working her way up the ranks. She kept climbing and by her early 30’s she was the VP of a private bank earning six figures! But like I said, success is different for everyone… By most people’s standards, this was a huge achievement, but something didn’t feel right for Apollonia. A feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction started to grow and take over her day-to-day life. She wasn’t doing what SHE wanted to do… She was doing what everyone else EXPECTED her to do! This is a common feeling among people who are employed or working for someone else. Just because you play by the rules and succeed by society’s standards, it doesn’t guarantee happiness! It wasn’t long before Apollonia realized this. This is when she decided to abandon her career and pursue something that she felt more passionate about. Entrepreneurship! But starting a new business was a complete unknown for her. Coming up with a business plan from scratch was a challenge. But by focusing on what she knew and what she passionate about, she created the business empire she has today. Apollonia is a now hugely successful relationship coach! She helps men gain valuable insight into women and dating. Her aim is to help these men achieve confidence and fulfillment in their relationships, which she does through her online courses, her blog, her YouTube channel, and various public speaking events. She has a HUGE social media following and is incredibly effective at what she does. Not only this but she’s a fantastic businesswoman with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. If you’re single, spoken for, or happily married, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has something to learn from Apollonia Ponti!

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