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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Sandy Forster. Sandy is a law of attraction practitioner and coach. She’s the owner of Wildly Wealthy, a website dedicated to: Empowering women around the world to think bigger, dream grander and manifest more than they ever dreamed possible. In her own life, Sandy has gone from single mother of two, in $100k of debt and with a welfare check that barely amounted to $7.5k per year to, Manifesting multiple millions using the law of attraction. And this hasn’t just happened once. Sandy has managed to create million-dollar windfalls on several occasions in her life. Including, manifesting $3 million dollars in a 6 month period. She now takes great pleasure in helping others to do the same. Enjoy watching this refreshing podcast as Sandy and I dig a little deeper into the law of attraction. If you’re skeptical of the law of attraction – you’re not alone. I personally don’t understand the neuroscience behind it. But still, I’m a 100% believer. Even so (even if I wasn’t a believer) the positive vibe inducing law of attraction exercises are a no-brainer. I just don’t see why you wouldn’t do them. They can only help! Still, you might not be convinced. I get it. That’s why I ask Sandy to explain how she coaches her skeptics into believing. There are one or two little nuggets of gold that she drops in the podcast that might just help you turn the corner. Small exercises that won’t intrude on your day but could be the difference between success and failure. Why wouldn’t you give them a shot!? Take a moment to listen to Sandy and let her explain how the law of attraction has worked for her – and thousands of her students (including many skeptics).

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