SAM TAGGART | How I Made Millions In Door To Door Sales | Millionaire Secrets

Today we’re joined by Sam Taggart, an entrepreneur with a massive wealth of experience. Sam is the CEO of D2D, Host of D2Dcon, Author of ABC’ $ of Closing and D2D Planner and founder of the D2D University, a door to door sales training and consulting platform. He has always been an entrepreneur. At age 7 he started selling golf balls at the local course, by 11, he was selling magazines door to door and through highschool, he grossed over $1000,000 in sales through his first company “The Gutterman.” His drive and ambition have taken him from one success to the next, and he’s become a sales expert in the process. You know that ‘sales’ incorporates a tonne of different things, but nothing compares to the skill of knocking on someone’s door when they’re not expecting you and turning a hard no into a yes. Selling door to door is SO much more than just “sales.” It’s habits, it’s drive, it’s discipline, it’s communication. It’s true dedication and commitment, something Sam has persevered with his whole life.He’s a master salesman, recruiter, and leader.

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