JAY ADKINS | From Bullied Kid To Multi-millionaire | Millionaire Secrets

Today we are joined on The Millionaire Secrets Show by Jay Adkins who is going to share his story with us. From bullied kid to multi-millionaire insurance agency owner and trainer, Jay is a fascinating entrepreneur. If there is anyone to inspire and motivate you to realize that it doesn’t matter who you are now or where you are now, it’s Jay. He is living proof that the underdog can defeat all odds and make it to the top, making his dreams a reality. Jay came from absolutely nothing. His childhood consisted of always wanting things and never being able to have them. So, what do you think he did? He used this longing to fuel what he does now. Jay is in the business of helping people realize what they’re capable of and what they have within them without even knowing. Jay knows what it’s like to not have anything at all, no one in his family ever made any real money, so how did he break the chain? He realized what he was capable of. He started his own business and did everything it took to make it.

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