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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is a special one. Not just because he’s a good friend of mine. But because he was one of my first mentors. A leading inspiration that got me into the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship. Welcome, Mike Dillard. Mike is a serial entrepreneur and veteran of the game – having started out in business almost 25 years ago. Mike was not a natural entrepreneur. He sucked at sales and was super-shy. But he was driven to succeed by the pain of not feeling good enough and wanting to prove people wrong. Even so… …he struggled and failed in his first ventures for almost 5 years. It was only when he stopped chasing opportunity and started chasing skills did his life change fast. From waiting tables at P.F. Chang’s to 7 figure business owner in 18 months. With that first wave of success, Mike went on to write a short piece called The Coffee House Letter. Randomly… …a young jazz musician named Jeff, in $500k’s worth of debt, just happened to read that letter – and it changed his life forever. Indeed, if I hadn’t read that letter… I wouldn’t be here today running ENTRE. In fact, I wouldn’t have even met my lovely wife Jaqueline and started our beautiful family. A crazy thought! I owe a lot to Mike. The ripple effect is real. There’s more… I mentioned that Mike is a serial entrepreneur. His success formula? Asking smart questions and solving smart problems. Since 2014, he’s been working on a hydroponics business that hoped to solve the problem of overly-expensive organic fruit and vegetables. A robot farm for the kitchen was the dream. The stress of this business led Mike to suffer some health issues and it’s caused a great deal of reflection and self-discovery.

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