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An extra special episode of Millionaire Secrets for you today, as I’m joined by my wife, Jaqueline. As you might expect, today’s podcast has a very intimate feel to it. I get a lot of questions about how I manage to juggle a happy home life whilst working crazy hours and being dedicated to ENTRE. Many of these questions focus on the relationship Jaqueline and I have with our kids and how we parent. And so, That’s the topic we dive into today. How to be a best friend for your teenage children. It’s something that most parents struggle with. Many well-intentioned parents find their kids shutting down, becoming moody, distant, and unfriendly. From early on… We knew we didn’t want that to happen in our family. When our sons were still only 10 and 9, we started going to parent therapy sessions to learn how to be great parents in the years ahead. One thing that our therapist said that really had an impact on us was, Once your child turns 14, their friends are the biggest impact on their lives – not you. And this is where so many parents get it wrong. They fight against it. They fail to let go. If you’re worried about losing a grip on your teenager then it’s time to look inward. Your child is always a mirror of you. But Jeff, it’s too late for me. My kid is already 16 and he’s aloof, grumpy, and distant. What do I do to create a tighter relationship with him? We cover that. Jaqueline has been doing this a lot longer than me – I was late to the party. She has some great advice on how you can heal the bonds with your teenagers.

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