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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Jeff Fenster. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Everbowl, one of the fastest-growing chains of fast-casual, quick-serve healthy eating restaurants in the US. But let’s backtrack to the beginning of his career, When Jeff left college with a law degree and six-figures of debt, he had plans of becoming a sports agent. (A law career just wasn’t his idea of fun and didn’t fit his personality). The only issue with the sports agent idea was – the relentless travel. You’d think no big deal for a young guy that had just graduated college. However, as well as Jeff just beginning his career, he was also just beginning his role as a father. Travel was out. Not really knowing what to do, he took a job at ADP selling payroll services. And this is where Jeff really shot into the stratosphere. From 0 to 6 months – Jeff became the number #1 selling salesperson in the company of 2600 sales reps. But Jeff was born for entrepreneurship. And it was this feeling that led him to walk away from a $17K bonus and start his own company. There’s more. The way Jeff describes his tackling of issues when building Everbowl is both inspiring and incredibly educational. Jeff definitely thinks differently when it comes to problem-solving. Namely – he thinks about issues/challenges/problems from a different angle to everyone else. Sometimes a problem doesn’t even need solving. That’s a tool you’ll gain from watching this interview with Jeff – and you’ll be able to implement it into your own life immediately. Jeff shares his core values: Make friends
Have fun
Be remarkable
Do it now
Kaizen And digs deep into his personal philosophies about his own success. This interview is an inspirational journey with a clearly gifted man but it also has some practical nuggets of gold that we can all utilize!

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