How to Use Your Mind to Overcome Fear | Jeff Lerner

If there’s anything I have a very strong opinion about, it’s a certain destructive force. A force so strong it can prevent people from chasing their dreams. A force so strong that it can keep you living the same monotonous life that you have grown to resent. A force so strong that it comes between you and your true potential. The force I’m talking about is, of course, fear! Today I want to help you understand fear so that we can then strategize about how to overcome it. Luckily for us, there are many different frameworks for us to touch on but today I focused on irrational fear in this video. Why? Because irrational fear is the reason that fear is so prevalent in our society when there is often nothing to be fearful of. Sure, you could be scared of a bear coming towards you or a shark circling in and that would be a very reasonable reaction.
But WHY are we scared of things that will almost certainly make our lives better? Striving for more. Trying something new. Making changes. If you can discover how to overcome the fear-driven world that we live in and find coping mechanisms that work for you, you’ve officially won the lottery of life.
So, let’s do this – make a proactive decision today to be brave and never settle for anything less than you deserve!


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