How To Sell Without Selling – Selling More By Doing Less

Always Be Closing (ABC) – It’s a term you’ve probably come across in your sales studies. Or, perhaps you’ve heard it in a movie before. Wolf of Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross. Bolier Room – for example. It sounds great. Trouble is, that’s just not the most effective way to sell anymore. And it hasn’t been for some time now. People are smarter. They like to buy things. But, they don’t like salespeople trying to convince them to buy things. The new way of selling is quite different. In fact, the less selling you do – the more you’ll sell. How? You sell more by connecting more. I go into full detail in my latest video. Don’t miss this one. Sales is probably the most vital skill of all – and selling in 2020 is definitely different from the classic Always Be Closing.


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