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Welcome to another installment of The Millionaire Secrets Show!

Today we are joined by Fabio Marrama who is going to share his story with us. This show is all about demystifying and removing the assumptions people have regarding anyone who is taking control and ownership of their life and Fabio is no stranger to that. At just 10 years old Fabio started helping his dad to build homes, this is what first gave Fabio the initial idea of what it was like to run a business. This first taste led Fabio to go to college to study business but he soon realized they weren’t teaching business like you could learn it in the real world. He decided to get stuck in with a group at college which is now known worldwide as Enactus. Through this group, Fabio learned how to bring real value to businesses and the community. He would get in touch with businesses and review their marketing plan, offering to help them grow and scale using what he was learning at college. Fabio soon realized this was a real game-changer, and it certainly was. Fast forward to now and Fabio is the king of Linkedin. Fabio is a brand and marketing strategist, speaker, content creator, and Top 40 Under 40 Award Winner! College isn’t for everybody but through taking initiative and working hard on side hustles, Fabio really has changed the game.

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