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Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets podcast is with Evan Carmichael – motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. You probably already know Evan from his wildly successful Youtube channel – which has over 2.6 million subscribers. We get straight into the juicy stuff today and address Evan’s core mission in life. Mission: save the people of the world from their #1 problem: Lack of self-belief Evan is certain that everyone has within them a key talent. Something that makes them the Michael Jordan of their chosen field. He believes that everyone can be the best in the world at something. The problem is…most people don’t believe that about themselves. Enter Evan. He’s dedicated his life to helping as many people as he can to cross the bridge to success and happiness. Evan is different from other motivational coaches and trainers out there. Someone like Tony Robbins focuses on helping those people that already believe in their dreams. Evan focuses his love and attention on the bottom 20% – the negative people. The complainers. The people that think and believe they were born to always fail and never achieve their dreams. This is what makes Evan special. His patience and compassion for helping those people that are sometimes written-off as… …no-hopers. I think we all visit this dark corner of our personality sometimes. When things aren’t going so well and life seems to be getting the better of us.

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