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Today I’m joined by Connor Dube! Writer, Vlogger, Event Speaker, Podcast Host, and B2B Marketing Strategist, specializing in LinkedIn. Connor realized from a young age exactly what he did NOT want to do with his life: Follow the crowd. Get stuck in the 9-5 cycle. At the age of 7? He had already started his own non-profit business! BUT somewhere along the way, he got lost.
He forgot who he was. Connor became exactly what he didn’t want to be: like everyone else. He went to college
He got sucked into the rat race
…And he was dead inside If you’re feeling a little lost, fed up and like you have no purpose or direction? Connor has some words of wisdom for you here. Looking back at this time in his life now? Connor realizes that the reason he was so miserable, was because he wasn’t pursuing his passion. That’s why he started his B2B podcast show, “The Mile High Mentors” back in November 2017.

After interviewing millionaire mentors for the past 3 years, he has gained:
?Powerful insights

That he is ready to share with you today! Connor wants to prove to you that you CAN break the mould. That you CAN break that negative mindset you’ve trapped yourself in. And here’s how! Get the 411 from mile high mentors here!

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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