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Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets Podcast is with my new friend Chris Do. If you’re in the design world, then you probably know Chris through his wildly successful and awesome Youtube channel: The Futur Chris came to the US with his parents from Vietnam and lived through a childhood of extreme poverty. But today… Chris is a multi-millionaire designer and entrepreneur. In this interview, we focus in on the psychology of money. In particular, the difference between value and price. So many people get stuck on the idea of charging a certain price for their services and this usually means they remain stuck on the level of… …freelancer or self-employed. Chris teaches his creative design students that if they ever want to charge the big-bucks and truly build a million-dollar business, then they’re going to need to master the mindset of…business. Meaning, you price a service differently for each customer and base that pricing on the value delivered. This is a fascinating interview on money-mindset – and it’s not just relevant for design work. It applies to all of us here in the entrepreneur space.

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