ANIK SINGAL | How 1 More Day Of Hustle Made Me $250 Million | Millionaire Secrets

Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets Podcast is with digital marketing goliath and multiple bestselling author, Anik Singal. He’s been responsible for over $250 million dollars in sales online. I’m honored to call Anik a good friend of mine and it’s great to finally get him on the podcast. When just starting out, Anik struggled for over 18 months trying to make his first few dollars online. In fact, he was only 24 hours away from quitting. A decision that could have cost him $250 million dollars. A truly life-changing moment happened in those 24 hours. You’ll love to hear this story. And this interview has so much more to offer. We also cover: How he considers himself a systems guy and not a creative person at all – despite being the inventor of some of the most successful sales/lead funnels ever!
How building a business and becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. Anik explains how he’s tried to help very intelligent and successful personal friends to succeed in business…and they just can’t do it! You have to really want it!
He could live the 4 hour work week and still make $300k a year easy but he’s not driven by money anymore. Even another $50 million in his bank account wouldn’t change his life. And so much more! If you’ve been around the internet marketing world for a while you’ll know that Anik Singal really is a big-hitter in this sphere.

Click the image below to enjoy the full interview with Anik Singal:

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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