CHRIS CAVALLINI | From Drug Dealer To $10 Million CEO | Millionaire Secrets

Your circumstances right now don’t define your future. And whenever you feel lost, you need to take action and change your direction. That’s precisely what Chris Cavallini did when he went from drug dealing and 17 arrests in 18 years to building a $10 Million company! Today, Chris is the founder and CEO of Nutrition Solutions, a meal preparation company, and a national lifestyle brand reporting over eight annual revenue figures. But his journey hasn’t been an easy one, and he didn’t become the entrepreneur he is today by giving up when things got tough. Growing up, his mother was a drug addict, and Chris’s dad had walked out before he was born. Lacking any kind of traditional support, Chris had been arrested 17 times before his 18th birthday and another half a dozen as an adult. Facing jail time, he was later given an opportunity that changed his life: go to jail for seven months or join the military. He went on to have an awesome military career, one that gave him the structure, purpose, and discipline his life had lacked. But after leaving the military five years on, he quickly slipped back into old habits. Chris spent many years as a drug dealer before realizing he didn’t want to go backward. He wanted a better life and worked to figure out how to bridge the gap between the person he was, and the one that he wanted to be. He began surrounding himself with people he could learn from. Refusing to let his turbulent past define his future, he dedicated every free minute he had to personal development and learning the secrets of a success mindset.

In this video, Chris share’s his journey, the wisdom he’s picked up along the way, and the actionable steps YOU can take to change your mindset and life for the better. Check it out!

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