Which Online Business Personality Should You Be Listening To?

On face value, the internet is like one big free school… There are tons of people who have something to say about business, making money, and marketing. There’s also billions of people hanging on their every word on the hunt for a successful, abundant, great life. Here’s the problem though – the internet is also a business. Before you decide who to follow, learn, and listen from, you need to differentiate between… Someone whose business is going online and talking about business.

Someone whose actually running a business and sharing it online Let’s be blunt, and full disclosure, of course, I’m going to be a LOT biased. But, I’ve also got a point… The first kind of people are just really good digital marketers. They know what keywords to use to get ranked the highest and followed the fastest. They know how to build a business talking about business. But, they don’t know real entrepreneurial skills, like sales, client relations, product launches, and operations that translate into actual value in the marketplace. You can’t get all that from behind a computer screen…You can only get it being on the frontline and understanding the nuts and bolts of a real business. To use the cliche, you need to follow people who talk the business talk AND walk the business walk. Because we do exist. We might be a little lower on your search engines or less followed on your social media, but we are there, and what we have to share will be much more valuable for your growth. Unlike the first type of person, we’re not just running fully-functioning businesses.

Most of us are also consulting other people on how to run their businesses too! We’re getting hired (and trusted) to take a deep-dive into entire company’s marketing, operations, accounts, reports – you name it! For example, I recently raised my 1:1 business consulting rates to $7,500/month. People are paying me that amount of money every month to go over business plans, review reports, and help to standardize operations processes. Why should that matter to you? Well, I’m getting a “behind the scenes” of businesses up and down the country. I’m learning what works, what doesn’t, and sharing it with my followers on my social media, and this blog. You get to see my journeys, mistakes, and learning curves, which will better serve you when you come to make decisions in your business. As for the other guys? They’re creating YouTube videos about earning $50/day on Snapchat. They’re a world away from helping you expand your business knowledge, and work on the kind of growth that’s going to get you places. So, what I’m trying to say is… If you’re happy limiting your growth and your reach to “$50/day Snapchat” – follow the people whose business is talking about business. But, if you want to learn how to make millions, you need to be in the trenches with the people who are actively doing it right now. 10 years ago, I was completely broke, in $500K debt, and living out of someone’s spare room. Last year I did a little over $13M in personal revenue. It’s not enough. I want to turn that into $20M next year. Then someday I want to become a billionaire. I’m fighting tooth and nail to better myself and achieve more every single day and you can benefit from it. But, when (not if!) I do become a billionaire, I don’t want you to follow me unless you’re a billionaire too. It’s like following Warren Buffet. You can feel inspired by him, but you can’t learn anything valuable for your business from him now. (No Buffet shade – just the facts.) Warren’s not fighting your fight anymore, and he’s not fighting mine either. He’s won that battle a long time ago. Warren can’t tell me what to do right now to go from $13M to $20M to $1 billion. Just like he can’t tell you how to achieve your own goals either. He’s in another league! The people that can are the guys like me that have done enough to prove they’re the real deal… but not enough to be totally “there” and out of touch from your struggles, triumphs, and journey. I’ll leave you with this… my “there” is to go from -$500K to becoming a billionaire. So, why shouldn’t yours be? Who gets to tell you where the finish line is? No one. Keep striving for more and more until the day you die.

Start believing that you can and should achieve as much as possible because you owe it to yourself… And then follow the people online who think exactly the same, and are going to help make it happen!

With that in mind, who are you going to follow/unfollow today?

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