What Schools Don’t Teach And Why

I struggled in school for years. Finally as a high school junior I couldn’t take it anymore and just dropped out. I’m not saying I recommend that for everyone (or anyone) but for me I just couldn’t sit with the uneasy feeling that I wasn’t being told the whole story.

School always felt like it was trying to make something of me that I didn’t want to be. Years later, I finally understand what was happening, and it’s part of my mission to make sure the whole story gets told. I know from over a decade online now educating others about alternative ways to make a living that I’m not alone. Millions feel gypped that entrepreneurship, business, investing, and finance are not a standard part of every child’s education. But after much exploration I’ve learned there’s a reason school is the way it is. Whether it’s a “conspiracy” or not I can’t say… but it goes back for centuries and most people involved have no idea what they’re a part of…


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