TRULY CHOSEN CEO THEORA MOENCH | Turn Your Passion Into A REAL Business | Millionaire Secrets

“Turn your passion into a business…”

It’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot these days, but what does that actually mean? How is that actually possible? What does it look like? To truly believe something is possible, you have to see someone in real life doing it day by day, so you can connect the dots in your own mind and believe it’s possible. That someone today is Theora Moench, the CEO of Truly Chosen! Theora took her passion and deep interest in relationships and communication and turned it into a hugely successful business where she helps entrepreneurs find, create, and keep epic love. Our conversation took a really interesting turn. We discussed how she built her business out of her passion, and then went on to talk more generally about the dynamics of communication and relationships inside and outside of business. It’s fair to say, over the next weeks and months our relationships in every single area of our lives are going to get put under the magnifying glass and tested to the max… So, it was great to hear from someone like Theora, who can give a fresh new insight and perspective to move forward successfully with! Let me know in the comments what part you found most useful, as an entrepreneur, partner, or BOTH!,

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