TREVOR OLDHAM | Started a Million Dollar Business From His Dorm Room | Millionaire Secrets

Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets Podcast is with recent college graduate and serial entrepreneur; Trevor Oldham. Trevor isn’t your average college graduate. At only 23 years old, Trevor has managed to pay off his $90,000 student loan in only 1 year. So how did he do it? Instead of finishing his degree and getting a regular 9-5 job, Trevor pursued a string of successful entrepreneurial endeavors. When he was young, he used to go door-to-door selling lemonade. He also mowed lawns and bought and sold baseball cards – anything he could do to make money on his own. In college, he started a dropshipping company from his dorm room. Soon after, he started Become The Lion, a top-ranking motivational blog where he accumulated 600,000 followers in less than a year. At the same time, he launched a podcast interviewing extremely successful entrepreneurs. With this wealth of experience under his belt, he launched his current venture: Podcasting You, a company that helps identify and schedule guests for podcasters. Trevor has helped both guests and podcasters increase their leads, attract new customers, and grow their brands. Speaking from my experience, I can tell you podcasting is a tough gig that requires a lot of help and expertise. But the pay-off is huge. It’s how I’ve managed to grow my personal brand and achieve the success I have today. So I can 100% vouch for the value and wisdom Trevor brings to this episode of Millionaire Secrets. He’s got some incredible insights into the power of podcasting and how it can help you launch and grow your entrepreneurial pursuits.

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