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Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets Podcast is with Todd Herman, sports and business coach, and author of the fantastic book: The Alter Ego Effect. I’ve got to tell you, listening to Todd speak today gave me a little shiver of excitement. The words he spoke were just so true for my own personal journey. The Jeff Lerner you see today was initially a character I had to play. You see, I’m actually a huge introvert. I had to become somebody else. A different Jeff. In order to build ENTRE as you know it today. And that’s what Todd and I talk about. Creating and stepping into your success character. Todd first started studying and developing the idea of a success character when he began working with professional athletes several decades ago. Todd calls it the performance persona. He noticed a consistent theme between many of the best elite athletes. It was a personality trait. A character trait. They would literally become somebody else when they stepped out into the arena to do battle. The idea that there is a single-self is something that the self-help and psychology fields have been pushing for close to a century. Todd disagrees strongly. We all wear different masks in different parts of our lives. When building a business and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship for the first time… …you need to create a new mask. A new character. Your…success character.

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