The Divided Brain

The Shocking Truth About How The Brain ACTUALLY Works | DR. IAIN MCGILCHRIST | Unlock Your Potential

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Iain McGilchrist, a psychiatrist, writer, and former scholar at the University of Oxford in England, about the power of the human brain.

Throughout the episode, Dr. McGilchrist and I discuss the truth about how the brain works and how society has affected our brains.

In recent years, society has forced people to mechanically endure life and work, lacking purpose and meaning behind what they do.

According to Dr. McGilchrist, we have fallen into a rigid, micromanaging atmosphere where new ideas are not celebrated. However, humans weren’t designed to live this way. We were designed to be creative and develop new ideas.

Another point Dr. McGilchrist stresses is that life is inherently risky. We weren’t meant to play it safe and embrace certainty. If we continue to live like this, nothing extraordinary will ever happen. We must be willing to take control of our lives and take risks, even if unsure of the outcome.

The last point Dr. McGilchrist touches on is the domination of the left-brained hemisphere. Ideally, the left and right sides of the brain work together in harmony. However, the left brain has taken precedence over the right in recent years, leading to the rigid societal structures in place today.

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