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In this episode, I chat with my friend James Altucher about his success hack: skipping the line to become part of the top 1%.

James Altucher is a hedge-fund manager, author, comedy club owner, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He has also cofounded over 20 companies and written 25 books.

The repeated theme throughout this episode is why becoming part of the top 1% in an industry can make you happier.

According to James, improving on things that make you happy leads to a more fulfilling life.

As a lifelong chess player who’s played against some of the best players in the world, James states that being part of the top 1% feels good because you’ve mastered something.

In addition to mastery, you get access to the community when you become part of the top 1%, allowing you to start new relationships, create new opportunities, and be among like-minded people.

According to James, you’re not fully alive when you’re not good at something because you’re not obsessed with it. You may be comfortable in your position, but you’ll never be fully satisfied.

James rehashes this concept of getting into the top 1% because it’s not as hard as most people think. Being the best of the best is much harder because you must perfect everything about your craft. You don’t simply improve because you’re obsessed with it. You improve because you have a reputation to uphold, and you can’t let that slide.

However, when you’re in the top 1%, you appreciate the subtleties and nuances of your mastered craft. You become more creative as you improve your skill simply because you love it. You don’t have to worry about being perfect because you’re not the “best.”

Another thing James mentions in this episode is his concept of writing down ten ideas a day. For the last twenty years, James has written down ten ideas a day and sent them out to businesses, friends, colleagues, and anyone else he wanted to help.

As a result, he’s created more opportunities for himself, strengthened his innovative skills, and positively impacted the lives of others.

We live in a society where innovation is the key to staying relevant. You can’t just copy someone else’s ideas and expect to succeed. You can copy others’ ideas, but you must add your own unique element to them.

In addition to innovation, you must be good at execution to succeed. You can have all the most amazing ideas in the world, but they are meaningless unless you take action on them.

The last thing James talks about in this episode is the power of visualization. You cannot succeed in life if you cannot visualize yourself succeeding. Like innovation, you must also build this muscle through repetitive action.

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