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Solve Problems By Redefining Them As Puzzles | A.J. JACOBS | Unlock Your Potential

In this episode, I chat with A.J. Jacobs, 4x New York Times Best Selling Author, about redefining your problems as puzzles to solve them.

Because of his normal childhood, A.J. found it difficult to write about his life as he hadn’t done anything interesting. So, he decided to redefine his problem by turning it into a puzzle to solve. As a result, he went on “quests” to learn something new to write about his experiences.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, A.J. has spent much of his time learning about cognitive behavioral therapy. He learned that behavior could affect your thoughts and feelings.

For example, to succeed in life, you could act into a new way of thinking, also known as faking it until you feel it.
Another concept of cognitive behavioral therapy that A.J. talks about is implementing self-imposed constraints for creativity. For example, developing a structure for brainstorming is much more productive than simply deciding to brainstorm.

Lastly, A.J. talks about viewing your challenges as puzzles to make them more productive and fun. It’s easier to find a solution to a puzzle than a problem.

Thank you, A.J., for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

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