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Simple Hacks To Having VALUABLE Conversations | MARK DRAGER | Unlock Your Potential

Active Listening is the key to having more valuable conversations.

In this episode, I chat with Mark Drager about how active listening makes conversations more authentic and smooth.

Mark Drager is a brand strategist, podcast host, and business owner who discovered that active listening was the key to overcoming his awkwardness.

Active listening is listening to the other person in a conversation to process and clarify their words without judgment.

The goal of active listening is to pay attention to the other person without forming an argument in your head.

If you think of something to say, ask yourself if it’s worth interrupting the person or letting them finish.

After the person finishes speaking and you’ve had time to reflect, you can say whatever is on your mind.

Saying whatever is on your mind after you’ve reflected is more authentic because you aren’t caught up in your own argument.

So, I challenge you to implement active listening in your conversations and watch how much more valuable those conversations become.

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