SHAUN CLARK | The “Go High Level” Multi-Millionaire Software Developer | Millionaire Secrets

Today’s interview for the Millionaire Secrets podcast is with a good friend of mine, Shaun Clark. Shaun is a serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire. His latest success story is a saas business called: HighLevel. HighLevel is a software that helps marketers and marketing agencies turn leads into customers. Before this… This is Shaun’s third successful saas company. He began the journey to his first million as a college dropout at just 20 years old. But the most fascinating thing about Shaun? By trade, Shaun is a software developer. He studied computer science at college. It’s a sticking point that I come across time and again in the ENTRE community… …people believe if you have such a logical mind, you’ll struggle with the creativity needed for entrepreneurship. Shaun puts that fallacy to the sword. And there’s more… Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffett named his company after a spectacular failure. Why? To remind himself daily about failure. Interesting, huh? In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss the importance of failure and how it can be your greatest catalyst for success.

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