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Today’s guest on the Millionaire Secrets podcast is Rock Thomas. Rock is a real estate multi-millionaire, author, and public speaker. His best-selling books include the amazing, Your Epic Life Blueprint. He also has over 100+ million views on the Youtube channel Goalcast. He now teaches others on the importance of developing the right mindsets to create an epic life. Rock started off life as a farm boy. Helping his father with the farm chores, he soon developed his ferocious ability to withstand hard work. But his childhood on the farm is also the place where Rock feels he developed a lot of the negative mindsets that would hold him back early in his life. Loneliness. Depression. Feeling ugly. Feeling stupid. Feeling like an outsider. Ultimately – he developed a feeling of I’m not enough. As Rock began to help others in finding and creating their own dream lives, he noticed that the feeling of I’m not enough is a common theme among many. In this podcast, we talk about how the school curriculum fails to equip people with the right skills and mindsets to go out there and be successful in life. We then talk about what those correct skills and mindsets should be. Rock calls them cultivating your gardens – and we each have many of them. There’s more… We also discuss the importance of doubling-down on your work. Rock explains how everybody can find time now to work doubly hard for the next 5 years so that they can be free for the rest of their lives. It’s a matter of priorities. Are you prepared to give up Tuesday night bowling league? Or Saturday shopping? Or Sunday on the golf course? How much do you really want freedom? The extra income you’ll have from working more now will pay dividends in the future. Double-down now for 5 years – and be free forevermore.

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