Renting VS Buying a Home – When You Should Rent VS Own

A lot of people who rent would never buy a house. A lot of people who own a house would never rent. It’s a highly passionate age-old debate that has been going on for years. And that’s the problem! People are arguably too passionate about it to the point where they’ve picked their side, are totally subjective, and refuse to even consider stepping out and looking at it from a different perspective. But, they forget a home is the single biggest financial decision you’ll make in your life. You can’t afford to be emotional about it. So, I’ve decided to wade in on the debate with a more objective, mathematical, and logical perspective. It could solve the debate once and for all… Or, at least offer enough time to see things from a different perspective before you put back on your “Team Buy” or “Team Rent” T-shirt!

Meanwhile… I’ll run for cover

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