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Procrastination & The “Perfectionist” – Are You Using This Excuse?

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What I want you to realize today is – how you do one thing is how you should do everything! So very often people will use the excuse of not completing a task by announcing ‘But I am a perfectionist!’ I am here to tell you today, STOP.

‘I can’t launch yet!’
‘I can’t promote that yet’
‘We aren’t ready’

Do any of those statements sound familiar to you?

Then this is the video for you! Let’s take a step back today and evaluate why we are so quick to jump on the ‘perfectionist’ excuse.

Is it from insecurity? Are you hiding behind a positive word because you don’t want to admit to yourself that you might have wasted all that time just procrastinating? Are you lying to yourself because you are scared of the real truth that you might not be perfect?

Let’s get honest with ourselves today so we can move closer to our solution. Once we have established honesty then we can look at how we get out of this cycle of telling little white lies. Don’t make peace with being less than your best – watch the full video today on my YouTube! Click the image below.


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