PATRICIA CARLIN | How Patricia Carlin processed $20 BILLION In Sales! | Millionaire Secrets

Today I’ve interviewed one of the most inspiring people for you to listen to. Her name is Patricia Carlin, a dear friend of mine. Patricia is one of the leading authorities in the online payment processing industry. She’s helped businesses like mine process billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions for over 20 years. But she didn’t build her incredibly successful empire with sheer luck. She used the power of long-term thinking to imagine the untapped opportunity in online payments and worked hard to build that future for her and her clients. This interview is one you’re not going to want to miss. Patricia has a wealth of insights about the online payments industry, which, if you’re like me and have any commercial presence online, is well worth the listen.

Watch the full video to hear the inspiring wisdom Patricia has to share with you.

Don’t miss the chance to hear her story and learn her secret. Check out the podcast!


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