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Welcome to another Millionaire Secrets conversation!

Today I’m joined by a new friend of mine Omar Ellatar, host of The Passionate Few podcast and interview series. I’m a huge fan of Omar’s show, every episode of The Passionate Few is a lesson in mindset, as he digs into the minds and lives of some of the world’s most prolific figures in life, business and sports to discuss all things passion, purpose and profit. His journey to success is an inspiration for anyone who is trying to find a sense of purpose and significance in their life. In just four years he went from being broke, lost and depressed to interviewing $10 billion worth of entrepreneurs. At the beginning of his journey, like many people, he had doubts: He didn’t know where to start, or how he was going to get to that new place. But Omar knew exactly where he wanted to be. He had a fire burning inside that was so hot, he knew he had to take massive action to get there. That’s when things started happening fast. From John Paul DeJoria to Tom Bilyeu, one billionaire interview led to the next as Omar’s growth exploded. I was so excited to speak with him to learn how he got to where he is today and everything he’s learned along the way. Omar’s journey is a masterclass in mindset and resilience, and this is your chance to hear his story. The more you know, the closer you are to making your own millionaire success story.

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story and learn his secret. Check out the podcast!


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